A simple blog about cyber stuff,
Adversarial Techniques, Blue Team Operations, Threat Detections, Digital Forensics, Malware Analysis, Threat Hunting, Threat Research and maybe more.


I love the technical stuff, I enjoy learning new stuff, solving problems and figure out how things work.

My experience spans over multiple years in a unit that investigates fraud & cybercrimes where I conducted both face-to-face interrogations & technical investigation, which led me to focus on the technical side.

Following that,  most of my career  I acted as a consultant and practiced hands-on operations in SOC companies where I was responsible for the advanced investigations doing DFIR, threat hunting, malware analysis, etc.

As of now, I'm practicing, teaching, learning, and researching DFIR, Threat Hunting, Malware Analysis, Threat research, TI, Reversing, Adversarial Techniques, and everything in between. 

Currently, I'm a Sr. Threat Hunter @ CyberInt and a DFIR Instructor at a University.

GCFA & GREM Certified. 


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